Introduction to Physical Anthropology

by Arnie Schoenberg
version: 20 February 2021

A map called the Great Copyright Divide shows a vast ocean of public domain, where a small paper boat is sailing on calm waters. Materials under public domain are pre-1925, US federal government creations, or have a CC0 public domain dedication. Across a chasm from the ocean is the Forest of All Rights Reserved Copyright, and below that the Creative Commons meadow. The Creative Commons meadow has a sign that says community rules: give attribution, understand the rules of sharealike, no derivatives, and non-commercial licenses before you rely on them. The Forest of All Rights Reserved has a sign that says Avoid danger! Get permission, use a license, follow fair use.


Creative Commons License CC BY-NC
The text of this work (apart from cited quotations) is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution - Non Commercial 4.0 International License (CC BY-NC 4.0). Feel free to use, remix, and give it away. But, be careful with the graphics.

Most graphics have separate licenses, and I'm in the process of applying best practices for attribution and fair use to these. Tables and decorative text without captions can be considered part of the text. Attribution and permissions are included in each caption and usage rights are at the end of the caption. Embeded resources (videos, podcasts, inline graphics, ) are presented without captions. "Fair Use" means I claim my usage of copyrighted images fits the following criteria: 1) everything here has a nonprofit and educational purpose, and some I have transformed, and some are parodies; 2) the copyrighted work is publically available, 3) I am only using a small amount and substantiality of the portion in relation to the copyrighted work as a whole, and 4) my use will not diminish the potential market for or value of the copyrighted work.The Bush Meat photo montage uses some inline graphics. "Permission Pending" means that I have attempted to contact the author and that I can reasonably expect that they will grant permission. The Copyright symbol © without "permission pending" implies that a compatible sharing policy (other than Creative Commons) was included with the image, or that I directly received permission from the author to use their work here. If you see Public Domain in the caption you can do whatever you want with the graphic. If you see a CC license you need to click through and follow their license. All other graphics should be reused with caution.

The purpose of outside links and images are to provide students with diverse information, and do not imply my endorsement of the group or individual, nor the group or individual's endorsment of me or this textbook.

Please contact me with problems or questions.



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