San Diego Community College Student Anthropology Journal

The San Diego Community College Student Anthropology Journal is a biannual, openly licensed, online journal dedicated to publishing the work of San Diego community college students.

Volume 8, Issue 1; Spring 2024 [open for submissions through 9/30/24]

Volume 7, Issue 2; Fall 2023 [open for submissions through 2/29/24]

Volume 7, Issue 1; Spring 2023

edited by Arthur Flores

Indigenous Resistance through Games” by Andrea Vega Marshall

Death–The Impacts of Emotions on Existence” by Verenice Arroyo

Organizational Culture: Work Ethics of a Mom-and-Pop Restaurant” by Tamia Manosalvas Cordova

Genetics and Obesity: Unraveling the Complex Relationship” Timothy Nelder

Primate Observation: Behavioral and Physical Similarities of Gorillas and Humans” by Kiran McKee, Ryan Kestler, and Darrian Major

Zoopharmacognosy: How Primates Got Involved With Medicinal Herbs” by Yumi Hardy, Carlyne Ada, and Areli Sandoval

The evolution of the human immune systems” by Truc Luu

A Cautionary Tale for Climate Change” by Austin Gray

Genetic Resistance to HIV/AIDS” by Austin Benini

Why Monkeys Have Longer Arms than Humans” by Thomas Morrison and Jimena Orgaz

Volume 6, Issue 2; Fall 2022

edited by William Leonard

Preface by William Leonard

The Human Effects of Racism” by Kimberly Khounborin and Sandy Khounborin

Environmental Effects on Human Evolution: Sickle Cell Anemia” by José Guitierrez

Previously Unrecorded Tool Use Behavior in Tufted Capuchins (Cebus apella)” by Patrick Burke

Using Indigenous Relationships with Animals as a Guide for Primate Conservation” by Luis Anaya

Ethnographic Study of Pop Culture” by Beverly Escoto

Modern Love: The Upsides and Downsides of Dating Apps” by Tamires Beadling

Comparison of Traditional Ethnomedical Traditions between Various Communities in the United States” by Iris Thompson

Midday in front of shepherd's bush market in London, England. An up-and-coming, lively, and diverse area. November 2021

Volume 6, Issue 1; Spring 2022

edited by Nicholas Palos

Preface by Nicholas Palos

The Importance of Repatriation: Private Museums Compliances with NAGPRA” by Daniayarit Garcia

Race and beauty: How it has Evolved”  by Abigail Fuentes-Cervantes and Michael Stewart

Recognizing and Challenging Racism in Healthcare” by Maria Baez

Evolution’s effects on the flight deck: Orientation and Relative Movement” by Stephen Wortham

Human Health Effects of Genetically Modified Organisms” by Cory Horgan

Evolution of Oral Disease and Pathogens” by Angel Madrigal

History and Summary of Xenotransplantation of Pig Organs to Humans” by Alex Pomeranz

Can Man Pass Down the Intangible?” by Jontel Scott

Bipedalism in Australopithecines” by Sergio Armenta

Habits of a Chimpanzee” by Laura Young

Volume 5, Issue 2; Fall 2021

edited by Laura Young

Using the Science of Anthropology to Make our World a Better Place” by Dean T. Hall

Do primates have a social hierarchy? The observation of Orangutan and Siamang during feeding time” by Elizabeth Cook

The Connections Between Alcohol Tolerance in Humans and Non-Human Primates” by Paul Herrmann

Race and aggression” by MaTeeSa Yessa

The Instinct to Create: The Anthropological Wonders of Human Art & Creative Expression” by Nylah Abercrombie

Volume 5, Issue 1; Spring 2021

Preface by Nicholas Palos

The Anthropology of Climate Change” by Jessica Robles

LGBTQ Phobia Myths Destroyed by Anthropology” by Henrique Machado

Cyborgs and Anthropology: How Tool Use Connects the Post-Human to our Ancestors” by Omar Mora

Do Other Great Apes Communicate Like Humans?” by Kevin Townsend 

Biological Warfare in Palestine” by Kai Baskett 

Separation of ‘Human’ from ‘Ape’”  by Tugrul Efe Basaran

Analyzing Landscape Paintings in Terms of Ecological Adaptations” by Jordan Maus 

Anthropological Aesthetics” by Ella Geonzon and Nicholas Roberge

Fall 2020 San Diego City College Student Anthropology Journal; photo of a sunset shining rays of light through stacks of large boulders.

Volume 4, Issue 2; Fall 2020

edited by Nicholas Roberge

Table of Contents

Preface by Nicholas Roberge

"The Only Time That Matters: Geologic Time" by Rachel Pariseau 

"Alcoholism: An Adaptation to Dietary Ethanol and The Disease That Followed" by Manuel Salcido

"Studies on the Origin and Evolution of Language: A Brief Summary" by Kimberly Garcia

"Cellular levels: Social Schemas of Human Society" By Emily Inama

Hierarchies in Apes and Humans” by Sergio Ibarra


Spring 2020 San Diego City College Student Anthropology Journal. Photo of a sunset at the beach with interconnecting  channels in the sand as the water returns to the ocean

Volume 4, Issue 1; Spring 2020

edited by Nicholas Roberge

Table of Contents

"Postpartum mental health and the need for increased resources: a cultural and geographical perspective" by Trisha Varathaiah

Mandate Comprehensive Sexual Education Programs: An analysis of implementing comprehensive sex education in conservative communities” by Isabella Crocicchia

Prison System Reform in the United States” by Joshua Byrd

Journal cover, photo of an overflowing trash can with a sign resting on it that reads HUMAN RIGHTS and supperimposed on the trash can is Fall 2019 San Diego City College Student Anthropology Journal

Volume 3, Issue 2; Fall 2019

edited by Elizabeth Cook

Designer Babies” by Lizbeth Sanchez

Choices: Comparing the Lives and Education of Women in Greenland and in the Navajo Nation” by Sarah Rice

Traditional Marriage Practices and Structures: In South American and African Tribes” by Jesus Cabrera

The Construction of Race in Brazil the U.S.” by Macey Bishop

Doom and Gloom” by Jaxen Ross

How evolution shapes humans” by Hy Quach

Tobacco and Culture” by Joshua Aldus Hobbs

Redefining the Art of Dying” by Francesca Bush-Johnson

Theory of Mind: The Biological, Evolutionary, and Cognitive Attributes Differentiating Humans and Non-Human Primates” by Leonid Khoroshev

A Different Kind of Meat: Ethnology of Human Trafficking” by Kimberly Hough

San Diego City College Student Anthropology Journal Spring 2019. Cover photo of a group of people in a parking lot; a small girl in a pink dress helps a man adjust his tie, the man wears a red devil mask, with bull horns, a dark suit, and tan hairy leggings. Antother man in a dark suit and hairy leggings adjusts the back on the man's mask.

Volume 3, Issue 1; Spring 2019

edited by Fernanda Corral

Table of Contents

“The Evolution of the Human Mind”  by Sergio Cabrera and Trent Mcbride

“Separation of Species through Early Human Art and Culture” by Kelli Thompson

“Climate Change and Effects on Human Evolution” by Alexa Benz

“Lateral Gene Transfer” by Andrew Hinshaw

“Eradicating Malaria with Genetically Altered Mosquitoes” by Heather Gorman

“Primate Behavior in Captivity: Dealing with Depression”  by Joel Bird, Emmanuel Flores, Ricky Hernandez, Haydee Martinez, and Elisabeth Vermeulen

“Cause and Effect: Organ Trafficking in Bangladesh, Israel, and Pakistan” by Florentino Asuncion

“Beyond the Binary: A Comparative Essay Between Native American and Thai Views of Non-Binary Genders” by Kimberly Ingalls

“Deaf Culture in Tanzania and South Africa” by Wilhelmina Chapell

“The Influence of Violence on the Development of Culture in Africa and Nepal” by Michael Cervantes

San Diego City College Student Anthropology Journal. Cover photo of blurred people crossing the street

Volume 2, Issue 2; Fall 2018

edited by Carlos Roman

Table of Contents

An Inside Look at the Buddhist Culture by Alexa Ortiz

Belmont Park: An Analysis of San Diego Carnival Culture by Judy Tang

Cannabis: Male Dominated? by Megan Swanberg

Case for Community: Social Groups in Hominids by Jessica Sandoval

Homosexuality within Humans and Animals by Nicole Smith

Human Embryo Editing Race by Robyn Bolden

Human Necessity of “role models” for proper development: An examination of human’s comparative helplessness at birth to adulthood by Leila Firestone

Pride by the Sea by Ryan Francis

Proxemics & Kinesics in Ecuadorian Dance Clubs by Violet Leon

The Cause and Effect of Anthropogenic Climate Change on Homo sapiens and Butterflies by Tetiana Johnson and Daniel Johnson

The Error of Eugenics by Young Jun Kim

To Be a Girl Scout by Danielle Veras

San Diego City College, MMXVIII Spring, Student Anthropology Journal. Cover photo of hominin skulls on books on a display table.

Volume 2, Issue 1; Spring 2018

edited by Camila Zacharko

Table of Contents

Foreword by Camila Zacharko


Observing Gorillas at the San Diego Wild Animal Park by Connor Holsapple

The Evolution of Language by Emmanuel Rodriguez

Agricultural Anthropology and Sustainability: Prehistoric and Modern Adaptations throughout Agriculture by Michael A. Williams

The Evolution of Melanin by Dylan Lee

Worlds Apart by Charleston Coryea

Hepatitis A Outbreak Among the Homeless Population by Khaya Thonnard

Swyer Syndrome by Olivia Petty


Family and Marriage: Egyptian and Mesoamerican by Mikayla Botts

Parenting in the 21st Century: A study of Same-Sex couples Raising Children by Omar Carrera

Cultural Event: Haitian Night by Camila Zacharko

Pint-Sized Propaganda: How Rituals and Symbols Within the Octobrists Shaped Children's Relationship to the Motherland by Arina Stadnyk

Born Wanting to Die by Diane Cherry

The Pain of Disability by Alexis Lopez

San Diego City College Student Journal of Anthropology Fall 2017. Black and white cover photo of a person walking through City College's brutalist bare cement buildings facing the street into the city.

Volume 1, Issue 1; Fall 2017

edited by Kelsey M. Trevino

Table of Contents

The Unstoppable Killer: Malaria by Dmitry Losevskiy

Evolution: Genetic Drift and Natural Selection by Kelsey M. Trevino and Matthew Bradshaw 

Racial Constructions in the United States: Beyond White and Black by Carrigan Davis

Women in Science in the United States and Japan by Susan Chan

Informal Economies: the Roma and Annawadi by Abigail Santana

Cultural Transmission by Lukas Mueller and Jesus Leon

Human Brain Evolution and Artistic Creativity by Joey Wozniak

Gender and Sexuality in the Museum by Ailyn Leon and Jessica Wade

Early Human Linguistic Development by Gabriel Sevilla and Ricardo Sanchez

published by Arnie Schoenberg

Unless otherwise noted in the captions, these works are licensed by Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 4.0 International (CC BY-NC 4.0)