The Sixteen Scrolls of the Necromancer's Initiate: Biological Anthropology Lab

ANTH 104 Lab in Bio Anthropology (81031) Spring 2022


version: 15 May, 2022

flames, a human scapula, and text in Old Style caligraphy: "Quest of the Necromancer, Biological Anthropology Laboratory"

Table of Contents

Main Resources

How to communicate with me

class details


administrative deadlines

Calendar of the Sixteen Scrolls


ambient study backgrounds


Main Resources

How to communicate with me:

Headmaster Adjunktus sitting at a table with medieval parchments and alchemy vials with an empty chair, the walls are dilapitated. Natural light streams in through two modern windows.

Office Hours are the best place for any questions or individual attention you might need. There may not be time for questions during Raids. 

Class Details

Units: 1.0

Course Description: This course is a practical study of biological anthropology. Students perform field and laboratory studies in genetics, human variation, human osteology, anthropometry, hominid/hominin evolution, comparative primate anatomy, primate behavior, and forensic anthropology. This course is intended for anthropology majors and all students interested in life and/or behavioral sciences. Degree Applicable: Yes

Transferable to UC, CSU


Corequisite: ANTH 102

Advisory: ENGL 101 and MATH 46 or Milestone M30

In-Person Exams: none required, weekly Zoom meetings highly encouraged

Textbook: seperated into 16 Google Docs, one for each week of the class.

Schoenberg, Arnie."Week [number] Scroll" The Sixteen Scrolls of the Necromancer's Initiate: Biological Anthropology Lab. Last modifed [verison date.]

Administrative Deadlines

First Day of Class 1/31/22  
Student Add/Drop 2/11/22 Deadline to add the class, or drop the classes with no "W" recorded, apply for refund
Instructor Drop/Census 2/14/22 All Instructor drops must be submitted by Noon
Student Pass/No Pass 3/7/22 Deadline for student to select P/NP option
week off


no school this week
Student & Instructor Withdraw 4/15/22 Last day to withdraw from classes and receive a "W". No drops accepted after this date. Thereafter, a student must receive a letter grade
Last Day of Class 5/28/22  
Instructor Grades Due 6/3/22 Deadline for instructors to submit final grades; available to students within a week.

Course Requirements

  1. read each week's scroll during the sabbath (over the weekend)
  2. attempt to carry out the instructions during the week
  3. communicate with your professor about anything you don't understand


Week 1: January 31-

Week 2: February 7-

Week 3: February 14-

Week 4: February 21-

Week 5: February 28-

Week 6: March 7-

Week 7: March 14-

Week 8: March 21-

Spring Rituals: March 28-

Week 9: April 4-

Week 10: April 11-

Week 11: April 18-

Week 12: April 25-

Week 13: May 2-

Week 14: May 9-

Week 15: May16-

Week 16: May 23 to 28 (last day of class)

The Sixteen Scrolls of the Necromancer's Initiate

These are you weekly instructions. Read them every sabbath (weekend), and be prepared to work on Monday. You can either read them here or click on the week, date or name to open them as a separate Google Doc.

Week One Scroll

Week Two Scroll

Week Three Scroll

Week Four Scroll

Week Five Scroll

Week Six Scroll

Week Seven Scroll

Week Eight Scroll

Week Nine Scroll

Week Ten Scroll

Week Eleven Scroll

Week Twelve Scroll

Week Thirteen Scroll

Week Fourteen Scroll

Week Fifteen Scroll

Week Sixteen Scroll


Ambient Study Backgrounds

Putting these videos on in the backgroud may help you keep from getting distracted while studying for this class.

Royal Library

Dark Academia Ambience with Rain for Studying

Dark Academia Library Ambience & Fireplace with Dark Piano Music

Dreamy Night in Howl's Moving Castle

Medieval Apothecary shop

Potion Shop Sounds

Potion Brewery

Fireplace Sounds - Medieval Tavern

Medieval Fantasy Tavern

Camelot Dungeon Music

Middle Earth Rivendell

Skyrim - Nordic Tomb


Necromancer's Lair

Necromancer's Lullaby

Temple Of The Dead 

Harry Potter

A Rainy Day at Hogwarts

Hogwarts Classroom

Gryffindor Common Room

Slytherin Common Room

Ravenclaw Common Room

Hufflepuff Common Room


Hogwarts Library

Dumbledore's Office

Halloween at Hogwarts Great Hall Feast

Hagrid's Hut

Hogwarts Express


A Night in the Enchanted Forest

Into an Enchanted Forest

Rainy Forest

Forest Creek Sounds

Swamp Sounds at Night

Cryptic Information


Text by Arnie Schoenberg CC BY-NC

Game Music by Holden Prine CC BY-NC


"Flaming scapula cover" by Arnie Schoenberg CC BY-SA 4.0, including modifications of "scapula anterior aspect" by CFCF originally licensed CC BY-SA

"Adjunktus Office [with heartfelt thanks to the Speculum Alchemiae]" by Arnie Schoenberg CC BY-NC

Requiescat in pace et in amore